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perjantai 15. marraskuuta 2013

30th post. Jinx

She is just amazing ♥

I would love to own her ♥

torstai 14. marraskuuta 2013

29th post. Blueberry pie, Limp Bizkit and Francis

Whoa! Lot's of happy stuff has happened again! ♥
It's always nice!

I baked a blueberry pie!
Here's some pictures and how to make it ;)


Blueberries of course 

Mixture of all the dry ingredients. (Flours,  )

Melted butter, which we mix with the ingredients.


Now take 1-1½ dl away to a different bowl

Let's put the oven on :) 200 c°

Mix the potato flour with the blueberries

Pour the smooth dough evenly to the baking bowl

And the blueberries

And now the dough we put beside ;)

To the oven!

And let's wait!

Finished ♥
But let's keep it in the fridge for few days to get better ;)



♥  ♥  ♥

Went to see them with Wilma ;) ♥

Bad photos ^^'
Bad lightning D:

Don't have much photos but.. ♥
Had SO MUCH FUN! ♥♥♥
U are the best ever!! >w<

Fred ;/////; ♥

Thank you so much
for coming to Finland! 

Sry about the quality ^^ I don't really know
how to upload HD on blogger..

We bought the same shirts too!



And! I saw Francis after a long time ♥
We had such a great time! and we walked too much >A<'
My feet hurt so much xD

My hair ♥ >w<

Francis ♥ x"D

The food was delicious.
I think the place was called Wrong. Really good place!
And yeah, he's flipping me off, because he don't like
food pictures.. X"D

I found my new headset!!!
OMG these had the best sound everr!
And they were so light ♥

So, I've been having a great time ♥
Hope you guys are too ^_____^

In his thoughts~

Till next time,

torstai 7. marraskuuta 2013

28th post. Ebay shopper

So yeah! Had mail yesterday and see what I got :D
I have no idea when I ordered this but hey, it's nice to get 
presents from yourself sometimes (x"D)

Pose.. x"D

Lol, laugh with me :D

SO short post again this time! :)

Oh, I also colored my hair a bit,
but as I am sick (I was yesterday too, actually, but I had to
deliver one shirt to a buyer so yeah. Had to go outside.. xD)
I really have no energy take it now. ^^'

So, till next time!

- Asta

© Pictures by my luv ♥

tiistai 5. marraskuuta 2013

27th post. WTF

Yeah.. I don't know what this is,
but it's funny and creepy at the same time :DDD

SO yeah.
Plz enjoy!

sunnuntai 3. marraskuuta 2013

26th post. Wilma, DigiExpo and mah Date ♥


Gonna apologize about the bad quality of pictures, because, my phone.
m(_ _)m

Had a lovely meeting with my friend, Wilma. ♥
Oh, it's been a long time that we've seen!
We actually met in a new mall, close to her home. It was really huge and beautiful~ ♥___♥ 
It had this really great hallway filled with different restaurants with different themes and such.
And it felt like walking outside, when you walked through them, because it had street-like-lamps
in there! More of that to Finland, thank you!
Why didn't I take pictures..?

So, picture time!!!
(Be sure to click the photos, because u might find something interesting ;) )

Some chocolate - cheese muffins ♥
Really yummy. Though could've been a bit more

Me ♥ And my bra~ xD

Wilma ♥

Me again~ "Hey, how u doin'?"

I think we have a little troll face coming up here~ x"3

Aaaand something I made because
got inspiration 'nd was bored :"P
My Mona Lisa ♥

To the next thing!

Went to the DigiExpo last Friday
With my bro and boyfriend~

We had pretty much fun there.
Tried out games, went to listen few speeches.
And the biggest thing, is that I participated to a dance competition!
(With Sony's dance game, Just Dance 2014  I think ^^')
AND AND, I came as 4th! ♥
It was exiting!!!
I didn't get to dance this song, but I saw ppl dancing it..
I wanted too...

I don't understand how these keep coming so shitty quality! D:

I only one few packages of Pringles (chips),
some Skylanders Giants stuff  D: and this awesome
PS4 rubber handband!!! ♥

And here is rest of the pictures

For some reason there isn't much pictures of me playing any games (xD)
But I really did!
I actually one my bro in one game (some xbox one fighting game)
I guess it was Killer Instinct.
It was kinda weird..

And for the last but not least!
We went to dinner/date with my BF~ ♥
Love him!!
It actually cost him all of his money..
And maybe few cents was left to his account x"D
But he said it was okay, and wanted to take me out!
I love him so much when he wants to spoil me ♥ ♥ ♥

Sry, I was too lazy to edit the photos 'cause I'm sick..:/
Had a fever last night, but my throat is sore, and it's really hard to speak..
And my head hirts all the time..
Agh I'm sorry! R not interested if I'm sick, unless I go to hospital (I think)!

Some lollipops (free), cause: Halloween~!

♥ Love ♥

My plate; Grill Steak, with corn, french fries, onion ring and
some roasted vegetables ♥

Loves Plate: Crocodile tail with teriyaki sauce with some cashew nuts,
lime, grilled potatoes and fried vegetables

Me (as always ♥ x"3)
I think I love pictures of myself  x"D

And one extra ♥


And as always, thnx for reading

- Asta