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perjantai 27. syyskuuta 2013

21st post! AVON ♥

Zomg! My Avon products came! ♥

Actually it was yesterday, but I had a rough day at work, so I was just too tired to start taking pictures,
besides the lighting for the photos would've been shieeet~

But here they are~ I know this isn't the most interesting post to read, but hey, it's just something in my life ;)

Face creams, shampoo's, eyeliner, shower gel, under-eye liquid, eye-roll-on (for dark circles), some men's 2-in-1 face scrub for my love~, and present from avon! a Bag~ (damn it's prettyy~ ♥)

Just a short post for now!

tiistai 24. syyskuuta 2013

20th post. SHOPPING!!! With no money. Well, almost! (20.09.2013)

Whoa, it's a long time that I've posted a... post.. x"D

Well, I've been sick... for a long time!! (I KNOW!)
But I've also had a "lots of thing going on". Relationship, friendship, work stuff, things..
So, a lot!

But yesterday, I saw some ppl! (But I hope I didn't catch that damn cold again.. My throat feels a bit sore :/ )

So, First I saw Jenna ♥ I think we've became a little bit closer now, that we've seen just each other without Jonna xD But we love Jonna too, always!! >//w//<

With Jenna, we went to do some shopping, for me XD (I don't know how it just happened!)
We also got Looots of stuff to her kitty~ ♥ I hope she liked them!
Ohh! And I found the cutest and loveliest jacket!!!

Oh gawds, I luuuv the hair >w<

After chatting/talking (mostly me (damn u Jenna!!!) xD) we parted our ways and I left to the cute-little-japanese-shop >Luca<, to meet Wilma.
The shop keeper is just the cutest! Talks juuust a little finnish but mainly english!
(I'd remember that he said he was half japanese and chinese? Not sure though...)

With Wilma, we shopped a little in Luca and left with bags full with cute candies and stuff!

the little wallet was a gift! ♥

And now, I suffer from the lack of money V____________V''

And here's some pics~

Click for bigger pic ;3

Some other stufff~

Zomg! Have been playing a lot Warframe and LOL lately~ ♥
Ohhh gaming is nice! I think I've forgot that in some point of my life~
I'm also playing Kotor 2 atm!

And for anime:
It's really scary that Shingeki no Kyojin is going to end soon! (last episode next Sunday!! >A<'')
But I think it's going to definitely get another season ;)

FREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

Riki found also a new hiding place.
From the old avon box I had x"3

Loves u~

ps. plz mah friends! remind me to take pics when I'm with uu~ ♥

tiistai 3. syyskuuta 2013

19th. post. SORRY! I'm sick ^^'

Yeah. Sorry about that.
Haven't been feeling that good in a while so.
Well in a long time (9 weeks or so O__O'')

So something happy?

Well I AM Getting better (hopefully).

Ohh yes. I've felt so bad, but not bad enough o play some League of legends XD
Girl must get some games~ And I love Varus ♥ And his fancy-furpants!!! ♥

kyah >//w//<

Just something. ♥

Till I'mm all well and healthy,
take care ♥