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torstai 14. marraskuuta 2013

29th post. Blueberry pie, Limp Bizkit and Francis

Whoa! Lot's of happy stuff has happened again! ♥
It's always nice!

I baked a blueberry pie!
Here's some pictures and how to make it ;)


Blueberries of course 

Mixture of all the dry ingredients. (Flours,  )

Melted butter, which we mix with the ingredients.


Now take 1-1½ dl away to a different bowl

Let's put the oven on :) 200 c°

Mix the potato flour with the blueberries

Pour the smooth dough evenly to the baking bowl

And the blueberries

And now the dough we put beside ;)

To the oven!

And let's wait!

Finished ♥
But let's keep it in the fridge for few days to get better ;)



♥  ♥  ♥

Went to see them with Wilma ;) ♥

Bad photos ^^'
Bad lightning D:

Don't have much photos but.. ♥
Had SO MUCH FUN! ♥♥♥
U are the best ever!! >w<

Fred ;/////; ♥

Thank you so much
for coming to Finland! 

Sry about the quality ^^ I don't really know
how to upload HD on blogger..

We bought the same shirts too!



And! I saw Francis after a long time ♥
We had such a great time! and we walked too much >A<'
My feet hurt so much xD

My hair ♥ >w<

Francis ♥ x"D

The food was delicious.
I think the place was called Wrong. Really good place!
And yeah, he's flipping me off, because he don't like
food pictures.. X"D

I found my new headset!!!
OMG these had the best sound everr!
And they were so light ♥

So, I've been having a great time ♥
Hope you guys are too ^_____^

In his thoughts~

Till next time,

1 kommentti:

  1. Jee :D

    Mutta asta omg, sanoin että anna mä autan niiden englanninnosten kanssa :'D
    *All purpose flour
    *Baking soda
    *Potato starch
    :DD Sour milk voi olla kai ihan vaa sour milk.. mut mä puhun aina butter milkistä :p
    Pohjoismaiden ulkopuolella harvoin käytetään vanilijasokeria, joten olisit voinut korvata sen 1tsp Vanilla extract or essence, mutta ei se virhe oo. XD
    Ja Francis näyttää keskaria :D
    Ja meidän kuvat on hyviä xD